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Hamilton By Design offer the complete Industrial design process from initial Research, Sketching, Developing, Virtual models, Finite Element Analysis, Prototype and tooling construction all the way through production in many cases. Hamilton By Design have a team of industrial designers, engineers, toolmakers and injection molders these function are preformed in-house.

Our view is that scalability and manufacture-ability is at the forefront for the design process without a depth of manufacturing knowledge it is impractical to consider researching. It is not practical to have design that look fantastic yet do not lend themselves to manufacturing process the some Sydney design companies come up with. Hamilton By Design assist Asian manufacturing companies develop manufacturing process based on Australian and or European standards  ensuring that the quality along with expectations are not compromised.

 Timing of tooling, lead times for smaller injection molds or press tools can take up to 5 weeks average size single cavity tools / molds from 6 to 10 weeks this is dependent on the number of cavities. Lead times  for
tools generally start at 10 weeks upwards with a direct relationship between the number cavities of forming stations in terms of press tooling. Tooling can be built and tested in Australia and shipped to any of our preferred suppliers across the Asian region.

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