Mechanical Drafting

Mechanical Drafting at Hamilton By Design is a Key competency where fit, functionality form and performance are considered with regard to a clients expectations.

Drafting services provided at Hamilton By Design is an effective and yet an efficient process, that has been developed over the past 20 years, our team of mechanical drafters offer a higher degree of quality.

These fundamental properties are derived from both the vast experience of our team combine with the latest technology in terms of Solid modeling Mechanical Drafting tools.

Our team at Hamilton By Design have vast experience producing mechanical drawings many of those drawings have included:

  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Arrangement Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Detail Drawing
  • Fabrication Drawings

General Arrangement Drawing

The general arrangement shows all necessary information: overall dimensions, installation details, overall weight/mass, weight of sub systems, and service supply details.

Arrangement Drawing

Arrangement drawings include information about the self-contained units that make up the system: table of parts, fabrication and detail drawing, overall dimension, weight/mass, lifting points, and information needed to construct, test, lift, transport, and install the equipment. These drawings should show at least three different orthographic views and clear details of all the components and how they are assembled.

Assembly Drawing

The assembly drawing typically includes three orthographic views of the system: overall dimensions, weight and mass, identification of all the components, quantities of material, supply details, list of reference drawings, and notes. Assembly drawings detail how certain component parts are assembled.

 Detail Drawing

In detail drawings, components used to build the mechanical system are described in some detail to show that the designer’s specifications are met: relevant codes, standards, geometry, weight, mass, material, heat treatment requirements, surface texture, size tolerances, and geometric tolerances.

 Fabrication Drawing

A fabrication is made up of many different parts. A fabrication drawing has a list of parts that make up the fabrication. In the list, parts are identified balloons and leader lines and complex details are included: welding details, material standards, codes, and tolerances, and details about heat/stress treatments

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