Skid Design

Hamilton By Design have many years experience in Skid Design and Skid Construction, our team design and manufacture of skid frame units for both off-shore and on-shore use.

The team at Hamilton By Design is able to design, detail along with fabricate complete solutions, or, alternatively fabricate base frames and pipework and assemble  these together with clients free issued equipment into complete modules.

We have considerable experience in design, development, fabricating and lining out skids, mounting gas boosters, drive motors, pumps and receiver vessels as well as in-line equipment, we are able to fabricate the basic frames with pump bases and have these machined after welding to ensure close alignment tolerances between individual items of equipment, vital to ensure trouble-free operation.

The completed frame units can then be supplied in stainless steel or surface treated to whatever specification the client requests, be it galvanised or a paint system.


In Terms of Transportable Skid Design Hamilton By Design offer a complete service that includes yet is not limited to:

  • Conceptualization
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Shipping
  • Insulation
Our Experience has included:  
  • Hot Fuel Systems
  • HE (High Explosive) Systems
  • Chemicals – Acid, Ammonium nitrate and Emulsion systems
  • Common Fuels – Diesel and ULP
  • De-watering Systems
  • Secure Transportable Systems

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