Plant Design

Plant Design has become more challenging than ever with new technologies, competition and resource demands. Regardless of your project’s size or industry, Hamilton By Design can help you to deliver a safe plant design on-time and under budget.

Are you looking to either expand your business, increase production, reduce bottlenecks, manufacture new products, improve efficiency, upgrade to new technologies, refurbish or repair?

Our offering ranges from machine engineering and finite element analysis to fully integrated, multi-discipline industrial plant design.

Our primary client groups are those who are in the business of processing, refining, handling, manufacturing or treating petrochemicals, water, waste, bulk materials, minerals, food products or manufactured products.

Understanding a client’s vision combined with the ability to provide 3-D virtual designs is our way to communicate your requirements. The use of the latest in 3-D development tools is where we specialize in bringing your plant or processing systems to life.

3D design layout solutions can help to reduce risk and error, eliminate duplicated effort, compress design and control costs. Additionally, 3D design layouts eliminate the expensive and time-consuming misinterpretations that regularly arise with 2D drawings.

Our team at Hamilton By Design offer a complete services when it comes to plant design, where all plant services can be included in any plant design or development, this option ensures that safety studies can be undertaken with all relevant information included.

Plant Design

Whether you’re planning to design, build or renovate a plant, you can benefit from using 3D visualization tools across your project. 3D layouts offer an organized approach, whereby multiple vendors and teams can collaborate and communicate their specific needs.

3D visuals allow vendors to visualize plant design in a way that’s not possible with 2D. This ensures that problems in the design are found early, preventing delays and expenses associated with making changes later in development.

Creating 3D visualisations of your plant layout designs promotes a visual workflow that can assist in managing external vendors, track design revisions and pinpoint areas of concern before they arise.

At Hamilton By Design, we can help to define your plant layout and put together a 3D layout that allows you to communicate clearly and effectively. With over 20+ years of experience, we are confident that we can add value to your team, regardless of your timings, budget or industry.

For more information on how to visualise your plant design contact us