Product Design, Strategy and Manufacturing

Hamilton By Design are a diverse team functioning as a marketing, product strategy, research, industrial design, graphic design, engineering, manufacturing and product management company with manufacturing resources on the Central Coast and in China and Korea.

Our unique blend of consulting and in-house product development capabilities is what differentiates Hamilton By Design from others in the industry. We pride ourselves in our unique business model and we truly believe that it allows us to deliver top quality products.

Our unique end-to-end capability delivers a total product solution. Hamilton By Design’s experienced team can lead a project from the earliest phases of market research to the final stage of delivering finished, packaged products directly to a client’s door. By combining a comprehensive set of management resources under one roof we avoid the costly, inefficient handoffs across the various stages of the development process, yielding numerous benefits for our clients.

Design & Engineering Services:
Superb design isn’t always measured by aesthetics. Our industrial designers and mechanical engineers work continuously to maximize customer profit margins by understanding how breakthrough design can impact manufacturing feasibility, costs and timing.

Strategic Services:
We measure ourselves exclusively by the in-market success of the products we develop. The goal is to always achieve key launch objectives for our clients. We accomplish this by employing proven market research methodologies and a proprietary strategic innovation process. The result is strong, creative, market-driven product ideas that address the real needs of both consumers and retailers.

Manufacturing & Logistic Services:
Our experience sourcing and managing offshore sources for tooling, manufacturing and logistics has enabled our clients to significantly reduce time to market and achieve globally competitive manufacturing costs. We bridge cultural and regulatory differences, factoring in location logistics, duty and quota restrictions, product quality, service and price points to ensure we have the right fit for our clients.

At Hamilton By Design, we pride ourselves as being a results-driven company that delivers successful, total product solutions made possible by the breadth of services we offer.

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