Shop Floor Drawings

Shop Floor Drawings

The team at Hamilton By Design specializes in all facets of structural steel detailing. We provide Structural Steel Detailing service to Engineers, Fabricators, and Architects across Australia along with the occasional international project.

To meet the engineering and fabrication needs of the industry Hamilton By Design’s detailers use a combination of the latest technology and traditional drawing methods in order to produce complete and precise details when it comes to Shop Floor Drawings.

During the checking phase, Hamilton By Design’s experienced checkers use both automated 3D detailing software, such as Smart Structures, and proven procedures to ensure that the quality of each drawing is not compromised.


Steel Work Drafting

Our team are dedicated to offering excellent performance, a quality product, and unparalleled service to their customers when supplying Shop Floor Drawings.

What Hamilton By Design offer

  • Full Communication at every step of the Shop Floor Drafting process
  • Detailing Estimate based on Fixed Price on Each Project
  • Project Detailing Schedule
  • 3-D Modelling Checking and Virtual Assembly
  • Complete Bill of Materials
  • Connection Details
  • Shop Floor Drawings
  • Erection Detail Drawings
  • CNC Files / Data tailored to the Fabricator’s equipment.


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