Smart Structures With Soildworks

Hamilton By Design have developed Smart Structures based on the Solidworks 3D modelling platform. Smart Structures offer standard configurations enhanced with relevant steel detailing functionality. Where each member of our team can create detailed 3D models of any steel material and then generate corresponding fabrication and erection information that can be shared with all stakeholders inside and in some case external project participants.

The Smart Structures gives team members the opportunity to
  • View Structures 3D models
  • Create Structural Members
  • Create and modify grids
  • Model parts and bolts  
  • Create welds
  • Add loads to a model
  • Create fabricated assemblies of steel parts
  • Create levels of assembly hierarchy
  • Create detailed steel connections
  • Create automatic preset connections to multiple parts
  • Create erection sequences
  • View model information in 4D
  • Mark/number parts automatically
The Smart Structures delivers results with
  • Customize drawings and reports
  • Fully details general arrangement drawings
  • Create single part and assembly drawings
  • Print and plot drawings and reports
  • Creates Engineering design reports 

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