Soldworks Contract Designers – Improvements

It was if Solidworks is not user friendly enough but in 2012 the following usability and work flow inprovement have blown my mind…. 

After playing with solidworks 2012 the the team at Hamilton By Design rated the various assembly areas that have been enhanced via adding shortcuts, removal of limitations, and streamline workflows and dialogs. In terms of time saves and nice to haves.

  1. Saving Component Edit inside an Assembly
    The Resolve Ambiguity dialog box has been eliminated.
  2. Modifying Component Dimensions
    You can edit the dimensions of a multiple-configuration component in the assembly or drawing environment, regardless of which configuration is active in the component document.
  3. Creating Subassemblies
    You can preselect components in the parent assembly’s graphics area when creating a subassembly. Previously, you could preselect only components in the parent assembly’s FeatureManager design tree.
  4. Flexible editing in Sub Assemblies
    You can edit flexible subassemblies in the context of their parent assemblies.
  5. Face & Edge names in Light parts / assemblies
    When replacing components in assemblies, if you select Re-attach mates, the software can access previously assigned face and edge names in lightweight components.
  6. Opening Assemblies
    In the Open dialog box, checkboxes for various assembly modes have been replaced by the Mode drop-down list. Quick view / Selective open has been moved to Large Design Review.
  7. Find Mising References
    While opening an assembly that has multiple missing references, the process of finding those references is simplified.
  8. Folders
    When adding a folder in the FeatureManager design tree, you can preselect non-sequential components or mates to place in the folder
  9. Components Shown and Hidden
    In the graphics area, you can press Tab and Shift + Tab to hide and show components.
  10. Hiding the Broken reference indicator
    A system option lets you hide the x that appears in the FeatureManager design tree to indicate broken references.
  11. Mate Reference Propagation
    When you insert a subassembly into a higher-level assembly, mate references defined in the subassembly’s components are available for automatic mating
  12. Relaoding Components after Discarding Changes
    You no longer need to manually reload a component in the assembly file when you discard changes made in the component file. When you close the component file without saving it, a dialog box asks if you want to keep or discard the changes in the assembly.
  13. Smart Mate
    To invoke SmartMates between two components already in an assembly, you can press and hold Alt after selecting a face to drag. Previously, you had to press and hold Alt before selecting the face.
  14. Smart Fasteners
    When inserting Smart Fasteners, the software recognizes more holes that were not created with the Hole Wizard or Hole Series tools, such as holes created by various mirroring and patterning operations.
Solidworks have definately execlled with regard to this release of Solidworks 2012 what a year we Solidworks contracors are going to have.

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