Solidworks Contractors

Solidworks 2001+ was the first version that the team at Hamilton By Design begin the Solidworks Journey.  From time to time or when our schedule permits Hamilton By Design offers contractors for short terms consignment.

The experienced Solidworks contractors and SolidWorks designers at Hamilton By Design fully understand the SolidWorks. This complete understanding of the Parasolid-based solid modeller our contractors utilises the parametric feature-based tools to derive realistic 3-D models, assemblies and 2-D drawings.

At Hamilton By Design our 3-D modelling design intent philosophy is based on what the client want. From there our team can derive top down models, parts and assemblies. Our team of Solidworks Designers offer flexibility in terms of responding to changes and updates that can occur throughout any design process.

Our Solidworks contractors utilise Solidworks Smart Structures combined with top down modelling

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