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Hamilton By Design was established in July 1992 with principal, Mechanical Design Anthony Hamilton recognising a need to give business access to the latest developments in the 3D CAD technology world. This access could take form of an extra seat of CAD software, advice on what package is best suited to achieve the desired design outcomes in terms performance, form, fit and function this access is not limited to one sector of industry yet covers industrial design including research and product development or could take the form of structural steel architectural fabrications through to 3D piping layouts. As the Australian mining industry is continued to be stretched with regard to limitations on human resources Hamilton By Design has reduced the needs of mining infrastructure design companies to rely on the traditional number of man hours to complete a project. This strategy has proved effective with ever increasing shortage of skilled labor and a more competitive market place for human resources as we see the need to specialise more than ever. We are professional in the creatation  of efficient design systems with some of our clients delivering 300+ drawing per week with four employees.

In general our Drawing Office team has experience ind areas of:
  • Mechanical Design and Drafting
  • Structural Detailing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Technical Documentation
  • Virtual Drawing Office
  • Virtual Testing


Hamilton By Design use a number of softwares including Solidworks, inventor, Solidedge and Catia CAD systems because we can tailor a design / design system that delivers the best solutions. These systems may include full subscription services ensuring that the system has the latest updates as they are released not to mention ongoing support.

Contact Hamilton By Design today to discuss the next step forward in delivering cost effective design systems that do not rely on extra human resources for scaling up your work load.

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