Steel Detailing – Smart Structures

The Hamilton By Design steel detailing utilises Smart Structures based on the SoildWorks 3D modelling platform. This 3D modelling service has been developed over 10 years of SoildWorks Design methods and is based around the following core elements:

  • Providing an interactive 3D model offering higher levels of communication between all stakeholders clients, consultants, Engineers and Designers with higher levels of communication ensure projects design remain on track.
  • Being capable of separating the project into different stages, enabling the client to fabricate/deliver the project progressively or concurrently dependant on what the client is seeking to achieve.
  • Customizable standard 3D models that hold and create intelligence when modified.
  • Tool or torch path creation for CNC machinery supplied in universal formats that offer higher degrees of team productivity, these paths are developed from assembly data or a single source

  • Our experience tools, software’s and team offer an assembly first time every time
  • In general terms we use Australia / ISO industry standards for Structural Steel detailing although packages can be tailored to meet the client needs.

    For more information on Smart Structures contact Hamilton By Design for more information.

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