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Steelwork Shop DetailingStrucutral Drafting

The team at Hamilton By Design we utilise the latest in cutting edge 2D & 3D software when it comes to steel shop detailing, which offers outstanding packages of structural and miscellaneous steel detailing and multi-disciplinary collaboration , for the commercial and industrial steel industry. Working in partnership with fabricators, project managers, engineers and architects to produce the highest quality and most cost effective projects.
3D models at the design/tender stage to assist in the engineering and sales development of a project, to help with the conception view and preliminary drawings as well as estimating this approach can have the result of minimising or eliminating steel detailing lead-time and can take place during or even prior to the tendering stage.
Hamilton By Design can tailor a package to suit your needs or the desires of your client
  •     General Arrangement Drawings
  •     Connection Design & Detailing
  •     Site Erection Diagrams
  •     Fabrication drawings
  •     Fitting or part drawings
  •     Full bolt summary/location lists
  •     Material cut sheets
  •     Profile Cutting files
  •     3D & Isometric drawings
All projects can be priced using an hourly rate or fixed lump sum

Our team handle 2D/3D drawings, shop and erection detail drawings and much more. Our team is trained on the latest steel shop detailing 3D modelling software. This leading edge technology allows our design engineers to utilize virtual construction modelling ensure fabrications can be assembled along with additional cost effective manufacturing process based on single model or data set including production data.

Structural Drafting
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