Structual Steel Shop Drawings

Hamilton By Design has been utilizing the advanced Parametric Solid Modelling Smart Structures with runs on the SolidWorks platform since 2005. Smart Structures is custom build structural steel detailing to cater for both ISO and Australian Building standards in terms of structural steel. The Software offer a highly accurate scaled virtual Model of the structure which is data rich with all relevant Information necessary for detailing, analysis, procurement, fabrication & erection of every steel component in your structure.

We have an in-house team dedicated to producing fist class virtual models, who use their technical expertise and knowledge of the program to maximize efficiencies and productivity. Not only for the design and detailing process but for the complete erection phentermine process. Smart Structures output project relevant information, such as drawing outputs (Erection Sheets, Assembly and Fitting drawings), project status reports and numerous other custom reports, to meet and often exceed our client’s requirements and expectations. 

Key benefits of the “Smart Structures” methodology: 

• If the steel fits in the model, it fits in the field – minimizes human error.
• Once the model has been checked and validated, all shop drawings are generated directly from the  model guaranteeing accuracy and compliance.
• The model can be shared in digital format with other members of the design team, the contractor or  other trades to perform collaborative functions such as clash detection.
• The model is essentially a database of “Information”, allowing it to be queried in a variety of ways to produce accurate material lists Bills of Material, piece counts and member status reports.
• Throughout the design, fabrication and erection phases of the project, the model is used as a 3D reference and communication tool to better depict and illustrate design and request for information issues issues.

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