Structural Drafting and Detailing

Hamilton By Design

Hamilton By Design offer a first class service when it comes to Structural Drafting and Detailing. Our team of design drafters and detailiers have a vast experience when it comes to producing high quality Structural Drawings. Structural Drafting and Detailing is what we do.

 Structural Detailing



Structural Design and Detailing

To aid in the design and production of drawings we have invested in dedicated CAD packages designed for specific Strucutral Design and detailing industry. Our modelling tools are completely parametric which allows for vitual modelling and virtual analysis for all structural steel projects.

Hamilton By Design ahave complete a range of projects over the past 20+ years from

  • Architectural Projects
  • Commercial Projects
  • Residential Projects
  • Steel Making
  • Mining Projects
  • Industrial Projects

Our Skilled team of Structural – Mechanical – Pipe work Drafters, & Designers

have extensive in depth experience working on projects from the sky highs of Sydney’s CBD

across Austrailia to the red earth of the Pilbara,

Up to Roma in Queensland and across to the mining towns of South America.

Our team think locally and act globally our experience in virtually assembling projects prior to detailings

places our team a leap in front of many of our competitors

When it comes to ensuring projects go together first time everytime

Structural Drafting and Detailing is what we do

To keep your project on track contact Hamilton By Design

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