Wikipedia defines Structural detailing as


“A structural drawing, a type of technical drawing, shows information about architectural foundations, roof, or other structural details”


Structural Detailing at Hamilton By Design

At Hamilton By Design we define Structural Drafting as a process to derive a set of drawings based on both architectural and engineering data, drawings and sketches. These drawings are presented in a clear manner detailing enough information for a team of workers to construction that is fabrication and erect a structure.

Structural detailing the process of creating Structural drawings which are a type of engineering manufacturing drawing.

These structural drawings or detail drawings are primarily concerned with the load-carrying members

of a structure and supporting structure.

Hamilton By Design utilizes a complete in-house structural steel detailing department, our team use of state of the art

solid parametric cad modelling tools.

Our business is committed to offering the best in class in terms of structural detailing tools

therefore offering a cost effective yet efficient detailing process

Having an in-house detailing department offers many benefits in terms of direct communication

between the detailers, fabricators, and erectors which helps ensure quality and accuracy in all facets of the process.


structural drafting


Many of our clients have suggested that the Hamilton By Design Structural Detailing, CAD Drafting and 3D Solid Modelling outsourcing solutions are exceptional.

Exceptional in terms of on time delivery, cost effective drafting practices, our 20+ years drafting experience has in many case derived solutions outside the square.

We have the ability to provide our Drafting/3D Modelling service that can be assembled each time every time. Thus offers project managers a real opportunity to attend to critical path issues. Teamwork is high on our list of priorities when commencing and or working on any project.

Hamilton By Design Structural Detailing offers each client an outsourcing solution your drafting projects.


Furthermore Hamilton By Design frees you from having costly full-time employees, which in turn, lowers your overheads.


Hamilton By Design Structural Detailing

  • Modelling 3D from 2D drawings or sketches
  • Design modelling with 3D Solids
  • 3D Sectional views
  • Mechanical drafting of assembly specifics
  • Manufacturing drawings/models
  • Models for presentations
  • Mechanical, structural and piping layouts
  • Plant Layouts in 3D
  • 2D AutoCAD drawings to 3D models
  • Pipe Isometrics
  • Flat pattern development

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