Structural Cad Drafting

At Hamilton By Design, we have decades of experience in structural cad drafting.

We know how important it is to have precise, accurate structural information, and our structural drafting professionals are skilled enough to relay information to architects and contractors. At the Structural Cad Drafting process

The team at Hamilton By Design specializes in both 3-D and 2-D structural drafting to help you communicate your building vision. We have the know-how to convert any concept or hand drawn drafting plan into a detailed drawing that can fit any budget without sacrificing quality.

No matter what technology you’d like to use to complete your construction project, our firm can draft detailed structural drawings that will align with your needs. Our in house Drafting services from India include drawing, drafting & modelling for all kinds of engineering projects like assembly drawings, mechanical shop drawing, mechanical cad conversion services, fabrication drawing, technical drawing, auto parts drawings etc.

Our focus is on the following:

  • 2-D CAD Drawings and Drafting
  • 3-D CAD Solid Modelling
  • 3-D Part Catalogs
  • Assembly Drawings & Mechanical Shop Drawings
  • Paper to CAD Conversion
  • Reverse Engineering

2D CAD Drawing and Drafting services offer services to Mechanical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Architects, Process Engineers, Manufacturers, Automobile Engineers, Fabricators, Designers and Consultants across Australia.

We can provide 3-D virtual models to fully detailed drawings complete with sections of all types of Structural and or Mechanical components.

Many of our past projects have included Sheet metal parts, Plastic Components, 3-D Pipework, Steelmaking Vessels, Steel Structures and Plant Layouts of many types of  manufacturing and or Chemical Process Plants.