Structural Steel Concrete Tilt

Structural Steel & Concrete Tilt Panel Detailing Service

Hamilton By Design uses the latest CAD and 3 dimensional modelling tools available in today’s market place. Our team build highly intelligent 3D models which allows for automatic detailing of 3 Dimensional structures ensuring that the construction phase goes together without any design related issues.
 Higher levels of constructability combined with production control in itself offers project managers and or managers greater control of critical path management when considering the fabrication and erection purposes.

Hamilton By Design offers Smart Structures which is the ideal solution for detailing Structural Steelwork as well as Pre-Cast Concrete Tilt Panels.
Detailing in a 3D environment using Smart Structures ensures error-free collaboration during the fabrication and erection phases. The detailed Smart Structures model represents the ‘as-built’ condition of the structure – if the structure fits on screen, then it will fit on site as well.
The 3D model can also be supplied to the client & other consultants as an interactive web based 3D model to be viewed in the Smart Structures Model Reviewer from which information can be easily obtained.

Advanced Shop Drawings using Smart Structures
All shop drawings, material lists and bolt lists are produced automatically from within the detailed 3D model together with data for CNC machinery. Smart Structures automates the follow processes

  •      Advance bill of materials
  •          2D or 3D layout drawings
  •          Holding Down bolt layouts,
  •          Assembly drawings,
  •          Plate fitting sheets
  •          Member, Beam, Shaft, Column, Rafter, Strut details
  •          Bills of Materials and Material cut lists
  •          CNC and tool path Data
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