Structural Steel Detailing In Sydney

Structural Steel Detailing In Sydney

Steel detailing located in Greater Sydney Chatswood Hamilton By Design have been providing Structural Steel Drafting services for engineers architects and Mining Services companies for the past 20 years
Hamilton By Design has earned its reputation for detailing excellence. Now we are ready and able to accomplish any challenge asked of us. We look forward to providing steel fabricators across Australia with the quality work and schedule they all anticipate. Our team are experts in structural steel detailing.

Our Skilled Staff:

Our staff includes highly experienced detailers and checkers that began there steel experience in a fabrication shop or 20 years ago as a steel draftsman on the board.  We pride ourselves on our efficient and effective work. Through our teamwork, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products possible.

Throughout the Hamilton By Design detailing process our team members are central communicators with both fabricators and engineers to clarify design, fabrication and erection considerations. With our staff having worked for different fabrication plants, they have the knowledge of what is required for the fabricator to create the steel members. As always, we approach every task with the idea that they can be accomplished in a professional and energetic manner.

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