Tyre Recycling on the Central Coast

Hamilton By Design have assisted Ray Goldberg’s Company TRM USA across the world addressing many of Rays Crumb Manufacturing issues at the design stage of the production process.

These design issues have included:

  • Offer a higher levels of product quality
  • Improved machine reliability.

Both of these have lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction particulary in recent years.

Over the years Ray and his businesses have been through a great deal and for the most part that has been written about him is not consistent with our experience we have fond Ray to be an honest and very respectable director of a business.


As our confidentiality and intellectual property agreements have expired with Ray and his businesses Hamilton By Design is more than happy to assist other ambitious tyre recycling companies or improve existing the tyre recycling processes.

For more information on Tyre recycling process contact www.hamiltonbydesign.com

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